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TOEFL Preparation

Private tutoring is provided for international students who need to enhance their skills for taking the TOEFL examination. Whether it is writing or reading abilities that are weak, we can strengthen these core skills to build your English skill to a level that will help you improve your TOEFL score. While this is not a test cram course of how to “master” the test, but a skill building tutoring that will develop overall English skills including vocabulary, listening/speaking abilities, and reading/writing for academic success in an English speaking university. Be wary of TOEFL classes that only teach the short cuts because the accomplishment of a better score on any examination is based on stronger vocabulary and writing skills. For Korean students younger than 9th grade, a special tutoring is available that can help build core skills to prepare for this mandatory test for the Korean school system. A three month commitment is necessary to improve one’s skill set. This tutoring is based on a self motivated study schedule with required homework completed in a timely manner.

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