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The Flower

By June Narber

Once upon a time there was a simple flower that lived in a flourishing garden. Overtime, the garden was uncared for and most of her fellow plants simply decayed and returned to the dust. The flower, a simple pink one, continued to bloom each spring and rest each winter deep in the earth as that was what she was created to do.

As time passed, many other gardens were planted near her and there, thousands of flowers flourished in well fertilized soil and with lots of care and sunshine.  Yet the simple flower continued to dwell where she had originally been planted although there was no one to care for her. And many shadows surrounded her, yet she lived.

One day, she noticed the families of flowers around her, each more unique and beautiful than the one before it. Although she felt alone, she was glad to be around so many beautiful creatures of nature. But the other flowers and plants often looked at her as though she did not belong there because she didn’t belong to a garden of her own and she had no gardener that cared for her.

After many seasons, as her time started to come to an end, she realized what the other gardens had and what she had not had. She also realized that as she had managed to survive on her own, she lacked the beautiful contoured exterior and was dry in certain areas of her surface. Yet she had survived and that was what a flower was supposed to do, right.

But then an amazing thing happened, one day the sun actually reached her and she started to bloom as she never had in her life. And she started to feel the life around her and in her and she too, began to grow and beautify to the point even the young flowers near her noticed the change. But as with the passing of time, the sun moved slightly away and the darkness returned and she was left as before, but worse off. She was this way because before the sun came, she never fully understood what the other flowers had always had compared to her.

She complained to the sun and asked why he had left her. He, oblivious to her plight simply continued his course as he always did, moving east to west day after day as was his cycle. He in his power and glory and life could not understand what the flower was even saying, so he just continued and soon forgot her.

The lone flower became quite sad and confused as she did not understand why she could not always be in the path of the sun as were the others. Then she began to question why she had to be alone in a garden that once flourished. Soon her life forced weakened but she continued to survive in the shadows as she had before.

Although the sun comes and goes, such flowers are not often understood by the others who always had what they should have had. Yet with the cycle of life, each one is a miracle in itself that it is alive, and none are more important than another. It just depends if each are given the nourishment needed to survive. And each flower needs the rays of the sun to continue being what it was created to be…..

Copyright © 2016 June Narber, All Rights Reserved.