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Broken Hearts Lead to Better Dreams

By June Narber

We all face such a moment, when our heart is breaking over something we lost that is precious to our human existence. It could be a broken love relationship; a long time marriage; a death of a close family member; the loss of the best friend you ever had; a lost golden career opportunity; a tragic illness or physical problem, or a long loved pet dying.

Whatever it is, all you know at that moment is that it hurts. I mean, it REALLY HURTS.

In moments like these, seems like the former close friends have scattered to the four winds. In the darkest hours of our lives, we often have to stand-alone. Totally alone, that is, in the mortal world. However, there is an entire nation of angels and heavenly host that cry with you; that sigh with every breath you let out that you are in pain. There is one greater that you can even imagine that does feel such anguish along with you. In these dark moments, we often will lash out against this gentle, loving, magnificent, being. As the Great Creator of all that is, and all that ever will be, you reason, how could He have allowed this tragic nightmare to touch your life? How DARE He cause you to suffer or even allow you to suffer! Thinking like this is a normal reaction, but not one we should indulge in for long if we can help it, as it can lead to a bitter root spring growing within us. Just know that whatever is happening, it will pass. Even if God did allow it, we cannot understand right now why. Just accept it, work through the pain, and reach within and find that peace that can only come from acceptance of the situation and belief that a better day will soon come.

Maybe you have felt like me sometimes, with a lifetime of many disappointments: no family really; few friends that REALLY understand your ambitions, your dreams, and cares and concerns. Maybe you sometimes have to just take it a day at a time to just make it through one more week, one more weekend until the next resting place. Have you had those incredible experiences where you feel like you are flying as high as the sky, and the next moment, you are ten feet under water? Hey, at least we know we are LIVING our lives, compared to those who do not feel or take any chances. That is what my human side says. My spiritual side agrees with this, but tries to look beyond to find that resting place to heal, to regroup, to refocus and get on with the next objective in life.

 Does it ever feel like that resting place never comes to you? Do you grow tired of judgmental friends rather 1) in the faith that have no pain in their lives that is evident or 2) people that judge everything you say, do, or even believe, just looking for a mistake so they can further cause you more pain?  Sounds rather sadistic doesn’t it?

He hates you. I mean, HE really despises you. He would do anything to get to you; he’d take your most loved pet or most loved friend away from you. God allowed, that old dragon would take the very last hair from your head if it were permitted.

No matter how bleak, how desolate, or how much pain you are in at this moment in time. Stop for one minute and think about this. This moment, is just ONE MOMENT in an eon of moments yet to come. Those around you are going to say anything they think they should say to you in such as time as this. But the thing to remember is that the GREAT ONE, the one beyond our wildest dreams and hopes and fantasy, LOVES you more than you could imagine any being loving another. He dreams about you, He fantasizes about the future time when He can hold you in His arms, FOREVER. To tell you how much He cares; all the times He watched you growing up, sharing your tears and joys, and your whispered secrets to friends throughout your life. He was always your invisible friend, even when you did not fully realize He was even there, or even knew that He was Real.

Just hearing about the “love of Jesus” is NOT enough. Use your brain.  Realize that this race we are in is REAL. It is about life and death; it is about ETERNITY, it is about royalty; it is about your CROWN. Remember the warning in Revelation, “Let no man take your crown.”  Many would like to do this; what better time than such a time as this moment when you feel your heart is broken into a million pieces and just can’t ever come together again?

I’m here to witness to you today, based upon my own broken dreams, and pain from the past that such things do heal. It will get better. It HAS to get better. God leads, but we have to do the work, remember that old saying?

Through every broken heart springs forth a lesson. A lesson that is not easily seen and comprehended at that moment in time. But each such experience builds a layer of

Character around us that will last forever. Each lesson helps us to refocus not only our spiritual life, but also our physical orientation and what it is we need to be doing right now, and also to reevaluate our approaches to obtaining our goals RIGHT NOW.

All in all, a broken heart leads to new dreams. It is full cycle when this happens. You’ll know it. You’ll feel that little twinge of excitement, a new idea; a new opportunity is JUST around the corner. Just remember that Great ONE that is on your side, rooting for you, but also WATCHING YOU, every minute, every second of every day.

How are you reacting? How are you coping? How are you learning? How are you hurting but also, how are you healing? Are you maturing? How are others reacting to your pain?

Are they sympathetic or are they as cruel as that old dragon (you know who I mean—its name is not even worth MENTIONING).

The Creator is holding you right now; the angels are standing at the four corners of your house; watching and protecting. So, what are you going to do now?

Just remember. Broken hearts spring forth new direction: with such, better dreams will surely follow.

May you heal quickly from your pain; and remember, to have empathy for those around you who are hurting right now. Judgment is NOW UPON the House of the Eternal.

How are YOU fairing??

Copyright © 2010 June Narber, All Rights Reserved.