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Online Writing Lessons - Information

My private Korean students have been benefitting from private writing lessons for over a decade. First, when I started tutoring, it was all done in person. In time, several of my students returned to South Korea and wanted to continue working with me. So, I devised a way of conducting paragraph and essay writing over the internet. While the work requires the student to attentive to deadlines in submitting assignments in timely matter, it has proven effective as a way of developing writing skills.  After several months of experimenting, I have created an alternative modal to help American students to improve their composition skills. This method is highly effective but is labor intensive, unlike most academic subjects in current American junior high and high schools. Its purpose is to accelerate the writing skills of students who already possess baseline skills. It is not for those in need of special education but for average or above average writers who want to become excellent at their craft.  It also can be used to improve recreational writing for writing hobbyists and for the serious writer of fiction as well. Good writing is applicable to wide variety of genres.

Online Paragraph, Essay and Research Paper Writing Skills

Is your child having trouble developing his/her writing skills? Regardless of the grade level, your child can improve his/her writing skill and grammar understanding. Everything English is now offering online paragraph, essay, and paper/research development to American students.  Services are payable in weekly installments via Pay pal via your checking account, credit card or debit card.  This service is also available to international students.

The only requirement is the willingness to do the weekly assignments in a timely matter. Charged on a weekly basis, not a usage basis, this service will help to excel in his/her academics. There are no refunds for week so it is mandatory the student is prepared to do the work. It has been setup this way for the American student due to the biggest obstacle to academic improvement is procrastination in doing assignments. So I believe the way to overcome this problem is to charge students by the week regardless of work completed, so that is a self motivator to DO THE WORK. The results will happen but not unless the time in invested into the work. I am here for one purpose, and that is to guarantee the student’s success but I can do that unless the student is willing to work and work HARD.

Courses available:

101: Basic writing development: the sentence (grades 1-4)

102: The Formal Paragraph (grades 4-8)

103: Creative Writing: the short story (grades 4-8)

104: Creative Writing: the short story (grades 8-12)

105: Creative Writing: the chapter book in five chapters (grades 9-12)

106: The Essay: Beginning (grades 6-8)

107: Research Essay: Preparation for academic writing and research reports (grade 8-10)

108:  The Eight Kinds of Essays (grade 9-12)

109: TOEFL essays (grades 7-12 for international students)


Weekly prices are based on estimated usage of tutoring. Please contact June and she’ll arrange a phone conference to determine the needs for your child or for yourself.

Example: low intensity: one to three assignments given and corrected each week with feedback $50 a week.

High Intensity/high school students’ minimum requirement of five assignments a week including workbook exercises and self correction $75 a week (unlimited amount of help).

These prices are subject to change at any time and are for estimation purposes only.

How to Get Started

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