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June Narber has taught English/English as a Second language for ten years. She has taught at two area community colleges, various language schools part time since 2001 and privately through Everything English for ten years. Curently working on PhD in education at Walden University, she has a background that includes a Masters in International Development with a concentration in anthropology and forestry issues from North Carolina State University and a Liberal Arts/Theology Bachelor of Arts degree from Ambassador University. She did an international internship in Thailand for her graduate work.

Through Everything English, she has worked with Korean children in accelerated learning to increase their English skills by one to two grade levels in six months. Her work also includes editing a wide array of academic papers, journal articles, dissertations, and medical manuscripts for visiting internaitonal scholars at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She also has a background in technical and creative writing. She is currently authoring a textbook focused on accelerated English acquisition for the Korean market and on a manuscript entitled The Hercurian Chronicles.